Hide-A-Hose is a Retractable Hose System that stores central vacuum hose within the tubing in your walls and allows for you to no longer need to carry the bulky hose up and down stairs or from room to room! All you need to carry is the lightweight hose handle, wand and tool!

You simply have to Pull. Vacuum. Retract.

 Open the inlet valve, pull out the length of hose needed and engage the hose lock to begin  vacuuming.  Connect the Hide-A-Hose handle and your cleaning tool of choice. You can turn the system on with the on/off switch at the vavle or on the hose handle (optional).  When you are finished, simply remove the handle and tool, unlock the hose lock and cover the end of the hose with your hand. The suction of your H-P Central Vacuum system will retract the hose back into the inlet valve. When the hose has fully retracted, turn off the system.